A Brief History of the Terang Harness Racing Club

Early Days

Harness racing began in Terang on New Years Day 1895 when the holiday meeting
at the local racing club featured a new event for trotters over two miles. Over the
course of the ensuing 17 years races were held sporadically at the Terang
racecourse and at racecourses in neighboring townships.
On Saturday, March 2nd 1912, the Terang Trotting Club was formed at a meeting of
40 local enthusiasts met at O’Hagen’s Hotel, Terang. A twelve man committee was
established and the first meeting of five events was held at the Terang Racecourse
on Thursday afternoon, March 28th 1912.

A Track of Our Own

1949 - Dalvui Handicap

BRIGHT SPRING (Basil Brock) defeats ADMIRAL STAR (H. Hollis) in the feature event, race 4, the 'Dalvui Handicap' at the opening meeting at Dalvui Raceway on February 5th, 1949.

Over the following decades the TTC grew in membership and held many
successful, regular meetings. The TTC was the first club in Victoia to race after the
end of the second world war, and was also the first to establish its own racing

1949 - The crowd at the opening meeting at Dalvui Raceway.

The crowd at the opening meeting at Dalvui Raceway, February 5th, 1949.

After a dispute with the Terang Racing Club in 1948, the TTC resolved to establish
their own track on Dalvui Lane. Within six weeks of the survey and subsequent
purchase of the site, a half mile track, 40 feet wide, with straights of half a furlong,
was constructed in time for the inaugural meeting on Saturday, February 5th 1949.
Admission prices for the first meeting were 10/- for men (~$1) and 3/9 for women (~
$0.38), and attracted 1014 spectators.

A New Track & Night Trotting

In 1954 the track surface was upgraded to sand from the original cinders. The
Trotting Control Board assisted the TTC in funding for track lights and working bees
of members and local enthusiasts erected all the poles. The TTC was the first
exclusively owned harness racing course to install a modern side lighting system.
The first night meeting was held at Terang on New Years Night 1955 and attracted
approximately 8000 spectators.


In 1977 the track lighting system was upgraded to provide greater visibility for
spectators and television cameras. At the time Dalvui Raceway had the finest
lighting system on the country circuit.

1998 - Aerial photo of Dalvui Raceway.

1998 - Aerial photo of Dalvui Raceway.

The TTC became the THRC in 1982 to better reflect the changing nature of the
sport and in the same year the Dalvui Patrons Stand and the horse stalls were
In 1988 the THRC was incorporated and the new Gammalite winning post was


The new administrative building, containing the secretary’s office, drivers rooms,
stewards room, TAB, and dining facilities was opened on Life Members night
Tuesday, February 7th 1995.

In 2003 the track was redeveloped once again and was extended from 800m to 1000m in length. Statistics on the current track can be found on the About page.